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The Daniels
The Disappearing Road
(Short Story)
This little tale provides some back story to the Daniels visit to the small town in True to Form. It can be read before or after reading True to Form ... it won't make a great deal of difference either way. However, if you want my opinion, I would recommend reading it afterward, but it's entirely up to you. Open Story (PDF) >>

Preparations (Short Story)
Preparations is exactly what the name implies. It is providing a little back story for the upcoming posting of Formative Years. I would definitely recommend reading it before FY comes out, if for no other reason that to get a little more perspective on what the vampires are doing and thinking. Open Story (PDF) >>

homecoming (Short Story)
This story was supposed to have been posted shortly after True to Form. 
Unfortunately, I forgot all about it.  I just rediscovered it and now it's
being posted a book late.  Despite this, I still think it provides a little
extra insight into this interesting pair of vampires. Open Story (PDF) >>

Thirst (PDF)
Ever wonder why some vampires aren't civilized?  Why some vamps would just as soon rip your throat out as look at you?  Curious as to why some are purely monsters while others are almost mundane?  The answers are here...
Open Story (PDF) >>