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Alexander Wilde Stories
Primal Wilde (Novella)
Like many of my earlier works, this one has undergone many changes during its many re-edits. I rather liked the idea of a vampire who kept his faith and that concept became the basis of the Alexander character. Alex has become one of my more favored characters over the years. I hope you find him as captivating as I do. This story is an introductory piece that was actually written after Wilde Nights . The tale begins long ago as Alex races to save his sister.... Open story (PDF) >>

Wilde Nights (Novella)
Like so many of my older stories, I have edited the heck out of this one. Most of the main changes have been ensuring continuity between the powers the supernatural races manifest and how they manifest them. This story brings Alex into the modern world. The horrors of World War II have driven him into something of a self-induced exile. The prospect of love begins to draw him back out into the world. And that's when things go terribly wrong.... Open story (PDF) >>

Wilde Life (Novella)
As a stand alone story, this is currently the last in line of the Alexander Wilde stories. This one picks up sometime after Wilde Nights and begins with Alex and his wife meeting the with the local vampires of Atlanta. However, as Alex works not to get caught up in the politics, he instead finds himself standing in between two sides bent on war.

This is certainly not the last you'll hear from Alex and company. In fact, Formative Years, the second shapechanger novel, has quite a lot of Alex and his associates. After that... who knows. Open story (PDF) >>