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Novels have been removed from the website until further notice. Here are the previews of them:

True to Form
Though not professionally edited, True to Form is for all intents and purposes a finished novel. Despite the best efforts of friends and family, the book does still have a few rough edges which I must take complete responsibility for. Please ignore any faults you can, report the ones that are too big to ignore to me, and above all, enjoy the book.

Louis McAlister is like a lot of teenagers. He goes to school, tries to stay out of trouble (occasionally succeeding), and has a new girlfriend. But Lou and his family are special. Along with half their small town, they share a secret. Lou and his people are shapechangers. People born with the ability to change their bodies in truly amazing ways.

When four strange people suddenly appear in the local diner one night, terrible things begin to happen in their sleepy little town. A young shapeshifter Lou's age leaves with two of the strangers and is later found... his body mostly eaten. Further complicating matters, the other two strangers turn out to be vampires. They tell Lou they want to help him. But can he trust them? Can he afford not to? Members of this small community are being killed and eaten and it seems to be only shapeshifters that the killer has a hunger for. If the killer is not stopped soon, the secret of their existence could get out. And as if that weren't enough, potentially prophetic dreams indicate that Lou's girlfriend just might be next on the killers menu.

Small town life just isn't what it used to be.
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Formative Years
Formative Years is in about the same state of readiness as True to Form. Please, don't excuse any problems or errors you find, report them to me instead. I can't fix what I don't know about. Formative Years has a precusor that you might want to read first. It's the short story, Preparations (in the Short Stories & Novellas - Vampire section). The title says it all and focuses a bit on the Daniels as they get ready for Lou's visit. This provides a little more insight into the lives of these integral characters.

The young doppleganger Lou leads fellow shapeshifters Elaine, Jenna, and Billy on an expedition to Houston. With the help of the Daniels they hope to ascertain the true fate of the majority of Elaine's clan which supposedly died long, long ago.

When disaster strikes, the clock to war begins counting down with the four young shapeshifters caught right in the middle. As they struggle to save Lou from a terrible fate, supernatural forces begin moving. Some for and some against them. Battle lines are drawn and the four young people must fight for their lives as they learn there are worse fates than death and that some causes are worth fighting... and even dying for.

Growing up as a tasty morsel isn't all it's cracked up to be.

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Formless Void
Alright, here we go! If you guessed that the third book was going to be in
basically the same condition of readiness as the other two, you were right.
Like the other two, please report any errors or inconsistencies you find.

Formless Void takes us back to Lou's small town. There, he continues his recovery from events occurring in Formative Years and works at completing his last year of high school. Along the way he has a number of encounters with ghosts, humans, and even a werewolf that's been hiding in the midst of the half doppleganger town.

As events continue to unfold, he learns that there's something else in or near the town. Something supernatural and with intentions most sinister. Together with his family and friends, they must come up with a plan to stop this evil before it takes over their lives... and even perhaps even their souls.

Despite popular opinion, the restless dead make lousy neighbors.

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Family Trees
A couple of helpful family trees for those who are curious and for anyone who might need a little extra help keeping track of who is who within the local shapeshifter community. Some trees are more detailed than others... which serves pretty well in most cases to indicate just how important people are or aren't within the current story lines. Open story (PDF) >>
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