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Hello!  I'm Michelle McAlister and I'm here to answer any questions you
might have about the world behind the deception.  I won't answer most of
your questions.  After all, you're only human and the information I have
would probably drive you insane.  Since I probably won't answer many of
these questions, I'll instead focus on things that can help you get through
your meager lives.  When it comes to love, Michelle knows all.  Michelle is
wise.  And Michelle will help you because Michelle is also generous to a
fault.  Just ask my cousins.  Those who know what's good for them will tell
you just how true this is.  Now I'll just sit back, let the letters pour in,
and the advice pour out.  Prepare to have your life enhanced beyond your
wildest expectations!

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Dear Michelle,
Why does the author make you seem kind of vapid in parts of his stories? Aimless in East Texas

Dear Aimless,

This is what we call a slow-pitch softball right over the plate. I have a number of theories on this particular topic and have been hoping for a chance to expound upon them a bit.

A) The author is obviously not that bright. This one seems pretty self-evident but I do enjoy pointing it out.

B) For some reason he (the author) has been concentrating on other people involved in the events the books cover. Elaine's mentioned in part of the books as well she should since she's my best friend. However, neither of us receives the attention we truly deserve. Our seven hour marathon shopping spree wasn't even mentioned in the first book! In the second book, her emotion-filled phone call to me letting me know what had happened in Houston was totally missing! These are great travesties. I shudder to think what's been left out of the third book.

C) The influence factor. Obviously, humans don't normally learn anything about our world and live to tell the tale. That means he must be working for someone with influence... and is therefore under their sway. It is equally obvious that this mystery person (or people!) has an agenda that doesn't include me getting the attention that I am rightfully due. It's not quite a full fledged smear campaign against me. More a concerted effort to downplay my true capabilties.

And there you go. Another home run for Michelle!

Dear Michelle,
Will you have a larger part in the third shapeshifter book?
Lost in Fort Worth

Dear Lost,
The third book does finally shift focus a bit further towards me. As a result, this book is much better than the previous two which most negligently tipped the spotlight too much toward other folks. What I do in this book is quite nuanced and provides a deep and personal insight into my life. This view will no doubt change the way people view their own existence and will help them lead richer, fuller lives. If the author is smart he’ll focus even more on me in the fourth book.

Dear Jenna,
Having read the garbage she just posted, I feel I just have to ask: why in the world did you allow Michelle access through the firewall?

Dear Olivia,
This is part of Michelle’s writing assignment for school and if she does it properly, it just might help her pass her English class. As for the ‘colorful’ commentary, I believe there should be a warning that hip-waders or a lobotomy are required to read this webpage.

Dammit Jenna! This is my page to post. Go play in traffic or frighten away ‘gators or something!
Thank you.

Dear Michelle,
Are there really vampires and werewolves like are mentioned in the books?
Dumbfuzzled in the South

Dear Dumbfuzzled,
Duh? Why else do you think I’ve got a big-ass cross on the wall and a band of whole garlic over my bedroom door and window? They’re there in case one of my cousin’s monster friends ever go off the reservation! Wait, is that politically correct? Is that going to offend some native American somewhere? Dammit, I hope not. Anyway, I’m trying to score a gun with some silver ammo to keep in my nightstand. Just in case. Good for the fuzzy ones or the ones with pointy teeth. Umm... you know, the other ones with pointy teeth. You get the picture.

Author’s note: For those of you might be concerned for their own safety as well as that of anyone and everyone else, I have been assured that Michelle will not be getting a pistol anytime soon. -- BH