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Fantasy is one of the categories that most people who know me probably
expected me to do more writing in.  It is a genre I've been reading for a
very long time and is an area I am very comfortable playing in.  Ironically
enough, it was my gothic writings that I finished first and for some reason
I more or less stuck with it.  Perhaps because I was so pleased and
surprised that I enjoyed writing gothic so much.  However, now that I have a little more free time to write, I've found that some of my early fantasy ideas have begun resurfacing.  Adding this category is my way of urging myself to write more in this field.

Misplaced (PDF)
This stand-alone story is about a fellow trying to save his soul. It has a number of tongue-in-cheek references peppered within what I hope to be high adventure. Whether or not this one ends up with a sequel depends on the weather, how I feel at the time, and feedback.

The Continuing History of Callidus
The Continuing History of Callidus is a story of magic and power, good and
evil.  It could be set in it's own series of world or perhaps some far off
corner of the Probability Maze (see Tales of the Lady Dyle, Introduction for
more details).  Just where it's set I leave to your imagination.

It is my hope that the Continuing History of Callidus will become one of my
serial stories.  I like the idea of adding a new tale as often as possible. 
However, I remain a bit leery of just how much reality will interfere with
my growing resolve.  Let's find out together.

The Mines of Panth Remure (PDF)
Callidus and company make an aggressive move against the witch queen's mine... but the move does not go uncontested.

A Matter of Changes (PDF)
A Matter of Changes introduces us to a major new character and provides us with more background on the mysterious and legendary wizard.

One Last Rest (PDF)
One Last Rest provides us with an introduction to a most powerful wizard and the world in which he currently resides.

Enter the Damned (PDF)
Our intrepid band actually enters enemy territory and encounters the first elements of what they're up against.

Gerond's Maze (PDF)
Our band of would-be heros enters the Maze of the long dead wizard Gerond in search of a treasure rumored to be there.  They find that the treasure is well guarded....

The Past Rising (PDF)
In this story, the group approaches an elven outpost... and learns that Callidus has some history with the elves that could complicate their quest.