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Roger Zelazny was arguably the greatest SciFi/Fantasy writer of our day (if not of all time). One of the many wonders he created was a place called Amber. The world of Amber wasn't just one world but was many words, possibly an infinity of worlds, spread out between two poles. Amongst these worlds anything was possible... all you had to do was find the right place and the right circumstance. I thoroughly enjoyed the Amber books. Enough so that I wrote a few stories based in Amber.

Time passed and I came to the conclusion that I needed to expand the world my Shapechanger series took place in. For some of the things I had in mind, I needed a world beyond the world. In fact, I needed many worlds. And while Amber didn't fit my requirements, it did provide the starting point that set me on the path to what I was looking for. The introduction to Tales of the Lady Dyle provides an overview of what I ended up with.

However, I truly enjoyed writing about Clarissa Dyle and her adventures and thought they might eventually mesh to some small degree with some of the other stories. Therefore, I regretfully converted my early stories from Amber over to the new format. The process was a bit on the arduous and painful side but I believe it was worth the effort. Those of you familiar with Amber will see more than a few similarities that I simply couldn't bring myself to change. Please consider them my personal salute to one of the truly great writers of our time. I believe that on the whole, the new setting provides more opportunities for tying in with the majority of my other works. I hope you enjoy the new worlds thusly opened up.

This expanding collection of short stories is about the Lady Clarissa Dyle. The stories cross many worlds as the lady likes to travel and focuses on the varied facets of her engaging and occasionally deadly personality. While part of the same reality in which the Shapechanger Series takes place, these stories are a bit separate from the rest of what's happening behind the deception (a more detailed explanation is provided in the introduction below). I've had a blast writing about some of the people, artifacts, and worlds the lady has run across.

Introduction (PDF)
Graduation (PDF)
New Beginnings (PDF)
Meeting Max (PDF)
Max's Big Day (PDF)
Without a Home (PDF)
Keys (PDF)
Toys, Part 1 (PDF)
Questing for Knowledge, Part II (PDF)
Demonic Byways (PDF)
The Book, Part IV (PDF)
Treasures (PDF)
School (PDF)
Dual Patronage (PDF)
A Great and Beautiful Evil (PDF)
The Rest of the Story (PDF)
A Matter of Persuasion (PDF)
Family (PDF)
Lessons in Living (PDF)
The Rescue (PDF)
Point Making (PDF)
Misdirection (PDF)