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Wow.  This update is WAYYYY overdue.  In my defense, I have been busy.  Working on the new house, the garden, my car, my truck... all of which seem to want constant attention and lots of my money... it's like having kids or something.  :P

Anyway, I have also been busy writing-wise.  Once more, and doubtlessly to Saint Jenni's dismay, I've re-edited the Dmetri stories once again.  What can I say, my editing skills are coming along slowly.  I'm also working on the new Callidus story, Book 4 of the Shapeshifter novels, a cool little sci-fi story, and about a dozen other things.  Which is why none of them are moving along as quickly as I'd like - however, they are moving.

Oh, and I finished my first movie script.  It's a fantasy piece with loads of action, cool characters, and kick butt story.  If you happen to know a studio exec looking for a new movie franchise, this might be a good time to mention it.  :D

Hopefully, the next update will be done in a much more timely manner.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Sorry this update took so long.  Home ownership has opened up a lot of interesting new ways to spend time not writing.  Hopefully, I've got some of those under control now and I can go back to spending more of my time writing. 

Stories 1-7 of the Dmetri series have been reworked.  I give a lot of credit to my part-time editor, Mike Martini.  He's helped me with a lot of good, practical ideas.  Any screw ups that are still in them are strictly my fault.  

I also have a new Callidus storyA Matter of Changes introduces us to a major new character and provides us with more background on the mysterious and legendary wizard.

I'll try to have more done next month... but no promises.  I still haven't read over my old Clarissa stuff to see what I need to do with it.  I'll try to get to that soon.  Oh, and T-shirts are still available in all sizes.  :D

Sorry about the late update.  I've been incredibly busy.  Bought a house and moved into it.  Been working with a friend to fix my truck (which is still in many pieces).  Working on minor repairs to the house as well as unpacking and all that fun stuff.  Thankfully, I've finally found/made time for writing again.

Back to the Beginning is the last of the Dmetri Stories for this particular story arc.  Ironically enough, it doesn't even feature our 'hero'.  However, that doesn't mean it is not pertinent and chocked full of good information as well as vitamins and essential minerals.

Unlike the last story for the Continuing History of Callidus series, The Past Rising came to me quickly and easily (the last one was reminiscent of protracted dental work).  In this story, the group approaches an elven outpost... and learns that Callidus has some history with the elves that could complicate their quest.

For the DFW Stories, we have Healing.  This brings us back to Walter and his little band of vampires.  One of them has been critically injured which brings about a discussion of how an undead vampire's innards really work. 

That's it for the new offerings.  I've got a lot of stuff in the works.  Part of this should be the first of the Kasey Wells stories, so if you haven't read the Shapechanger Novels yet, I recommend you hurry up and do so!

Jenni (who does such a great job with the webpage) is going to be coming after me with an axe soon.  I went back and re-read all the Dmetri stories.  I was rather started to see how rough some of them were.  Being in a good mood, I decided they showed how much I've grown as a writer.  Anyway, the entire series has been re-edited with some fairly major revisions to the early stories.  Those will probably be ready for the next update - assuming I manage to stay out of Jenni's axe range....

Happy 2008 everyone!  Hope you had a merry Christmas and didn't over-celebrate the new year (too much).  Got a lot of exciting stories that are in the works.  One of these days I'm going to get off my lazy arse and go back and reread all the Clarissa stuff so I can straighten out the mess I'm making there. 

We start with the 2nd to last Dmetri tale for this particular story arc Rewards of Perseverence.  This is the last of this arc that will actually feature Dmetri.  In this story, the group continues moving through the house hoping to catch the wily Malkavian who's so tormented them.

Gerond's Maze is the long, long awaited next tale in the Continuing History of Callidus.  Our band of would-be heros enters the Maze of the long dead wizard Gerond in search of a treasure rumored to be there.  They find that the treasure is well guarded....

Spinning News is a new entry in the Angels/Demons section.  This is a story of gross manipulation and a large web of deceit... in more ways than one.

Have a great new year everyone!

Okay, this a going to be a little update.  I've got several things that aren't quite ready but should definitely be ready next month.

Monty's Cellar is the latest Dmetri story.  They're in Rabid's mansion now.  What's behind door number one?

T-shirts are still available but you'd better order them quick you want them in time for Santa.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year everyone!

Wow.  This update is pretty darn late.  Due to a foreign language project I'm working on combined with a strong desire to work on some of my longer writing projects without having to constantly interrupt them to take finish up a short story, I'm afraid I will not longer even try to hit the monthly deadlines I'd set for myself.  There still may be updates approximately every month... but there very well may not be.

This month features a new Dmetri story.  A Plague of Dead takes our intrepid vampires into the supposed home of Rabid.  Things don't go quite as expected....

Walter and his crew are back for a new lesson about what's what Behind the Deception with Eyes.  Eyes can tell you a lot about supernaturals... but not necessarily enough.

I had hoped to have a new Clarissa Dyle story as well.  Unfortunately, I ran into a continuity problem and now I'm going to have to go back and reread the entire series to figure out what to do about it.  Most aggravating.

Anyway, hope you enjoy these stories.  T-shirts are still available in pretty much all sizes except small.  They make great, inexpensive presents! 

This update features the promised sequel to the ghost story Lost in the Dark. Searchers picks up with Peter Stowe after a completely unexpected event changes his existence forever: Justin catching him.

We also have a new Clarissa Dyle story, Misdirection. Clarissa does more in a simple garden party than most diplomats do in a year.

There is also the new Dmetri episode Outside Rabid's Playhouse. They've finally reached Rabid's hideout. And the hard part starts sooner than they expected.

There's also a listing of most of the various stories in order by time. These are all the stories that share a common world (or a plane of existance relatively close to that world anyway). 

T-shirts are still available in pretty much all sizes.

Also, keep your letters to Michelle coming. Sooner or later she'll end up in trouble again and will need the extra credit earned by answering your questions.

That's all for now. Enjoy!

I've had a good writing run of late. Thanks to this, I've finally come through with some of the stuff I've been threatening to finish and post.

For starters, in the Angels & Demons section, we have The Playground. This is the next chapter in Marion's quest as she finally gets ready to go to work as an angel. This story also leads up to one of next month's posts, which will be the follow up to the ghost story Lost in the Dark.

There's also a new Clarissa Dyle story. Point Making follows Clarissa and Max as they go for a little sail on her father's ship. Naturally, there's a bit more to it than that and I will say no more....

Bloodhound is the latest Dmetri episode. Dmetri and company think they're on Rabid's trail. Are they, or are they not?

Last but not least is a new Fantasy story called Misplaced. This is a stand-alone story about a fellow trying to save his soul. It has a number of tongue-in-cheek references peppered within what I hope to be high adventure. Whether or not this one ends up with a sequel depends on the weather, how I feel at the time, and feedback.

I hope you enjoy all these. I'm also working on a Story Order by Time sheet that should be ready for next month's release. I'll spend the intervening time finishing it up and figuring out where to put it. Enjoy!

For this update I've got a couple of new stories. While I made progress on a lot of the ongoing projects, I'd hoped to get more done. I'll keep at it though and hopefully the next update will have a lot more to it.

A new Dmetri story An Unexpected Meeting involves our 'hero' meeting with his new so-called girlfriend as well as Robert's continuing quest to hunt down the vampire who turned him into a monster.

The Clarissa Dyle story The Rescue shows a different side of Clarissa. This is the tragic tale of a social gathering gone terribly wrong. Yeah. Really.

Anyway, that's all for this update. Keep your letters coming in to Ask Michelle!

The next Clarrisa Dyle story is finally available! Lessons in Living is a rather long story about what she does with the pair of princesses she won at the duel.

Rat Killing is the next Dmetri episode. Our umm... 'hero' and his companions go Nosferatu hunting. Not a sport for the weak of heart to be sure. There's a nice little twist at the end that those who've been keeping up with the stories should enjoy greatly.

Writing on Book 4 is continuing slowly. My work trip to Mexico did not help that from a productivity standpoint one little bit. I'm also making progress on Temper... not a lot, but progress nonetheless. There's going to be a series of stories about Kasey Wells in the reasonably near future as well. For those of you who have not read book 3 of the Shapechanger Series, Formless Void, these stories will contain some serious spoiler information. Consider yourselves forewarned.

The shirts are now available in M, L, and XL sizes for a mere $15.00 ea. In the continental US add $5.00 for shipping and handling. Outside the continental US, contact me with the particulars. I am having 10) 2XL shirts made. I'm not sure how much extra they'll cost but I'm guessing it will be $3.00. These will be available on a first come, first served basis so pre-order them now.

Front of Shirt
Back of Shirt

As you may have noticed I missed another middle-of-the-month update. I'm afraid as the summer months get closer and closer that this is going to become more and more prevalent. I don't think there will be any problems maintaining the monthly updates but I'm not gonna bet the farm on it either. Let's just say I'll do my best to try and keep the updates on schedule.

I've got a pair of Dmetri stories this time. The Calm Before and Surprises in the Night give us another look into Dmetri's life as well as another escalation in their fight against Rabid. And if you suddenly became suspicious about this double update, you were right to do so. I still don't have the next Clarissa story ready. I was hoping to get finished with these transition stories so I could dip into my vast reserve of already completed Clarissa stories. This obviously hasn't happened yet.

I am now taking pre-orders for the T-shirts. The shirts will be available in M, L, and XL sizes. Pre-order prices will be $12.00 ea. After they come out, they will change to the regular price of $15.00 ea. In the continental US add $5.00 each for shipping and handling. Outside the continental US, contact me with the particulars.

Been on something of an extended writing streak of late. While working on Book 4 of the Shapeshifter Series (or Book 1 of the 2nd trilogy - however you care to look at it), I decided I needed some background information. With this in mind, I've made some good progress on the sequel to the novella Hunters. Temper will fill in some of the gaps I need. It's a long way from being finished yet, but I'm off to a good start on it.

Believe it or not, I got off my butt and have made progress on getting the T-shirts ready. If the T-shirt guy will contact me again, I hope to actually have them ready soon. However, I advise against anyone holding their breath until this happens.

This update features a new Dmetri story. The Call tells the tale of someone trying to trade two million dollars in exchange for the location to Rabid's hideout. But is the mysterious caller on the level?

For those of you who've read the novella Hunters, in the DFW series, have you wondered just what Telena told Selina to make her forgive her? If you have, then Growing Beyond is the story for you.

Selina's Telum, also part of the DFW series, is a story about Walter's little band of vampires. This time they're talking about everyone's favorite telum. Not much action in this one but a look at how Selina's favorite weapon is viewed by other vampires.

As some of you may have noticed, this update is WAY late. Sorry about that. To make up for it, this will be a giant update!

As of late last month, I have hired an agent. Mrs. Leann Murphy of the
Desert Rose Agency has agreed to represent me. May she have great luck in this endeavor!

I am very pleased to present to you book three of my Shapechanger Trilogy, Formless Void. There's a new intro in the Shapechanger section for it and Formative Years both. Many thanks to those who helped me with the proofing!

Because this is a special, delux update, there is also a new Dmetri story.
A Target of Opportunity presents Dmetri and a couple of his companions with their biggest fish to date. Will they land it or will it land them?

A new Tale of the Lady Dyle is also ready. Family takes Clarissa back to
the Castellum Regillus and to those most interesting people who sometimes
make that place their home.

There's also an update for the Ask Michelle section. Michelle is running
low on fodder, so please send her your questions!

Here's the new update! Not gonna be one for the end of February as I'm gonna be out of the country cruisin'. I probably should have doubled up this update but I didn't. Therefore, I'll probably put up book 3 of the Shapechanger Series when I get back to make up for the deficiency.

We have the first couple of Ask Michelle letters in as well as an additional...sidebar, I guess you could call it.

A new Dmetri story Underground takes us... underground. Big surprise there. Anyway, Dmetri goes fishing for information... in places no normal person would dare go. Which kinda explains why he's the one going.

A Matter of Persuasion takes Clarissa back home to Regillus. There she finds out important matters have been proceeding without her.

Some of you may have noticed that the T-shirts still aren't out. Umm.... Yeah. I really need to work on that.

This may be the last full update for a while as my writing time is being squeezed by the real world. I'll try to keep up as best I can. We'll see how things work out.

For the Continuing History of Callidus we have Enter the Damned. In which our intrepid band actually enters enemy territory and encounters the first elements of what they're up against.

The Rest of the Story is a new Tale of the Lady Dyle. Here we finally learn just how Clarissa got herself shot and continue on with the battle for freedom from the oppressive monks of Righteous... and a few others who also want a piece of the action.

A new Dmetri story, A Mixup of Roles shows our 'hero' stumbling into another trap. Will this finally be the end of him? Well, that certainly would make my writing schedule a bit easier, wouldn't it?

The email link for Ask Michelle has been added. This should make it considerably easier to send in your questions, comments, and such.

This is a big update by my standards.  There's a lot of news and a lot of
new stories.  I've added a whole new section.  Simply labeled Fantasy, I
hope this will get filled soon with much, much more than it's starting with.

There's now a place to Ask Michelle.  No letters have been posted yet,
just the introduction.  Write to Michelle early and often (answering your
letters keeps her from bugging me).  News wise, Book 3 is now going out to a couple of avid readers who volunteered to do some editing and commentary for me.  This means it's very close to being ready for general release.  I'm also making decent progress on Temper, the follow up to the DFW Story of Hunters.  Right now I'm on about page twenty or so.

The new Fantasy section opens with story number one of the Continuing
History of Callidus.
  This story, One Last Rest, provides us with an
introduction to a most powerful wizard and the world in which he currently

A Great and Beautiful Evil is the latest Tale of the Lady Dyle.  In this
story, the promised trip to the wild side turns out to be a lovely world. 
But the old saying that beauty is only as deep as the surface holds very
true here.

The Dmetri story, Evolution, is also available for downloading.  In this
story Dmetri waxes thoughtful as he and the gang spend a lovely evening with some Sabbat Gangrel.

My lonely category of Ghosts finally has a new addition.  Lost in the Dark
shines a light on the ever elusive boy Peter as he makes his way through the world.  A sequel to this one is likely to tie in to some limited extent with one or two of the angelic cast members.

Okay folks, here's the last Dmetri story of the year.  Luck Dribbles Away is basically a little tale in which Dmetri's luck starts running low.  Will it
run out completely?  Find out for yourself.

I'm also catching up a bit with the Tales of the Lady Dyle.  Dual Patronage is another of those bridging stories so I can get on into the bulk of my pre-written stuff about Clarissa.  There'll be a few more of these before all is said and done.

I've completed yet another pass on Book 3 of the Shapeshifter series.  It's
getting much closer.  A little more clarification is still in order but it's
getting much closer to being posted.

Hope you all had a merry Christmas and I wish you all a happy new year!

A new Dmetri story is ready.  Revenge is an intense little story in which
the already dangerous vampire picks up an upgrade in firepower.

There would be a new Clarissa story as well, however I just got my new
computer up and running so I didn't have time to finish it.  Strangely
enough, I already have quite a few more Clarissa stories finished, I just
need to get some abridging stories finished so that they will make sense. 
I'll try to get on with it!

This update isn't much of an update but here it is regardless.  A surprise business trip combined with the death of my beloved home PC put a stop to my writing since Thanksgiving.  I'm now back from the trip and with a little luck, soon I'll have the PC brought back from the dead.  With even more luck that won't just be wishful thinking.

Turning Point is a new Dmetri story which completes the mini story arc begun in Arcanist.  This  provides yet more insight (and perhaps some previously unknown depth?) into Dmetri's slowly evolving personality.

» While I promised that the Ask Michelle section would be ready this week, my schedule did not agree.  With a little luck it should be ready by the next update but I'm not making any more promises until I know everything will be ready.

» This week a new Tale of the Lady Dyle is ready.  School follows Clarissa and Max as they head off to learn on another world.  This story is a bit less action oriented than normal and a much heavier on the infomation side of the equation.

» A new Dmetri story is also ready.  Arcanist presents a new facet of Dmetri's personality as Dmetri delves further into the blood magic.

» I also have an update on Formless Void, book three of the Shapeshifter Series.  I've recently completed another editing pass through the book.  The results are looking much better now and while still not ready, it is much closer.  There are still a couple more scenes that I want to squeeze in but I am hopeful that this book will be ready for release before the end of the year.

» I am pleased to announce that the novella Hunters is finally ready for
downloading in the DFW Stories section!  Hunters brings us back in touch with a number of familiar characters.  In this tale we revisit the familiar behind-the-deception themes of murder and betrayal.  With lots and lots of vampires and other undead.  This story also provides some rather important background information for the upcoming third shapeshifter novel, Formless Void.

Only two more weeks for voting for the shirt logo!

Coming soon we're going to start an advice column with our very own expert on love and living behind the deception.  None other than Michelle McAlister, cousin to Lou and Jenna, will be providing her own unique take upon anything you the reader might wonder about.  Any topic will be fair game, but it won't necessarily be fairly answered.  If you like, you can go ahead and begin sending in your questions to If Michelle chooses to answer your letter,  it will appear in the Ask Michelle section.  If it is answered, don't be surprised if not only your name is mangled but also your question.  Or if her answer doesn't actually address your question at all.

» A new Lady Dyle tale is ready.  Treasures picks up right after she finishes looking for the Book of Knowledge.  Returning home, she finds that things have been moving out in the worlds of the Maze while she's been away.

» Calling Fire is a new Dmetri story.  In this tale, Robert's life changes dramatically and the entire group learns just how serious their new enemy is.

» Theoretically, Hunters will be ready for the next update.  I'm working very hard towards meeting this deadline.  You'll find out if I get there or not in a couple of weeks.

» I'm going to give the shirt logos about another month and then end the voting.  I'm planning on getting the shirts printed up shortly thereafter.  I'm interested to see how reality interacts with my planning here....

» The final installment of Clarissa's quest for the Book of Knowledge is
ready.  In The Book we find out if the lady is resourceful enough to finally
find the ancient book of power.

» A new Dmetri story is out as well.  Dances With Bums gives us another
glimpse into the war as well as Dmetri's resolve to stay in Dallas for a

» We also have a new entry for the DFW Stories sectionAllied Informationprovides some further insights into how the lady Selina Dupree is viewed within the supernatural community.  It also provides a healthy teaser for the upcoming novella, Hunters.

» There's also a new entry under the Links section.  Under Music, check out Tragic Komic.  I met Eddie, the band's bass guitarist the other day.  He's a really cool guy and their music is great.  If you like rock music,check it out!

» Not quite ready to release the novella Hunters but it's getting a lot
closer.  Maybe one or two more editing passes should do the trick.

» A new Tale of the Lady Dyle is ready.  Demonic Byways continues Clarissa's quest for the Book of Knowledge.

» Also, a new dmetri story is available.  Counting Time picks up with Dmetri
and company battling their foes in a fight that perhaps gets a little too

» Continuing the four part story arc, we have the newest Tale of the Lady
  Questing for Knowledge.  Clarissa's search for the Book of Knowledge begins in earnest.

» A rather hard core Dmetri story, The Line, is also ready.  In this one,
Dmetri's role as part of an anti-Sabbat reaction team becomes much more

» Lastly, we have the short story Job Hunting in the Angels and Demons
  This little tale provides some additional back story about Alex
Wilde.  As seen from a very different perspective.

» Jenni, my incredibly talented (and busy) web programmer has been busy with some other changes as well.  Check it out!

» Due to popular demand, we've set up a mailing list.  Feel free to join.

» I've also decided to do a run of T-shirts.  At some point in the reasonably near future, I'm going to post some of the possibilities and ask you to vote on the one you think would be best.

» To start with, we have a new DFW story, Strengths.  Be warned, this one contains spoiler information if you haven't read the second Shapeshifter Novel, Formative Years.

» The short story Thirst will be available in the Daniels area of the vampire
  It actually more belongs in the Shapeshifter area but I'm keeping
that area open only for novels and family trees at the moment.  Anyway, this one kind of highlights the fact that the dopplegangers got lucky in their pick of vampires.

» A new Tale of the Lady Dyle is readyToys begins a four part series in
which Clarissa goes after an ancient artifact.

» Also, we have Training, a new Dmetri Calandar story.  In this one, we get to meet some of the people Dmetri will be working with in some of the future stories.

The latest tale of the Lady Dyle, Keys, is here!

» A New Stage, the new Dmetri story is now ready for downloading as well!

» Also, Homecoming, a little story about the Daniels is ready.  There's a bit of an explanation that goes along with this one so check it out.

The first edit for book three of the shapeshifter series, Formless Void, is
now finished.  I have a few more editing passes that need to be done to
finish up, polish up, and tie up some loose ends, but the rough edges have
been knocked off an I'm very pleased with how it's looking.

» First draft for the novella, Hunters, has also been finished.  This will
show us a great deal more about some already familiar characters.  When the editing is complete, it will end up in the new DFW Stories section.

» Speaking of the new DFW Stories, let's kick off the new section with the
short story, Sunshine!

» A new Dmetri story, Nemesis, is now available for downloading!

» Without a Home, a new Tale of the Lady Dyle is also available!

The second book of the Shapechanger Series, Formative Years, is now
available for downloading!

» Added hard page breaks to fix the 'floating chapter headings' problem in True to Form (PDF) . Oops. Can't believe that one got by me.

In anticipation of soon completing one last edit of Formative Years, here is the teaser/precursor story Preparations in the Vampire section.

» Also, because the last Dmetri story was so short, here's Expulsion to help tide you over 'til the next one's ready.

» I've also got a new Clarissa Dyle story, Max's Big Day.

By popular demand I've added some additional information about myself to the About Me page.

» Meeting Max is now available in the Tales of the Lady Dyle area!

» The new Dmetri Calendar story, Bad Starts, is ready!

» In two weeks Preparations, the precursor story for Formative Years will be out. I'll go ahead and hint broadly that the latest edit of Formative Years is going well.

» I have an update on the progress of the 3rd Shapechanger novel, Formless Void. Check it out in Shapechanger section.

» New Rules is now ready for viewing in the Angels/Demons section!

» In two weeks Meeting Max, a new tale of the Lady Dyle will be ready as will a new Dmetri story called Bad Starts.