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Some years ago I decided that my love for reading wasn't enough. So, I began writing. At first I wrote in starts and spurts and would then forget about it for long periods of time. However, as time passed, writing became a more and more persistent hobby. Now, it's to the point that it has become a borderline obsession which I enjoy very much.

Currently, I'm a part-time writer with a full-time job. I'd prefer to switch that around but alas, I was not born wealthy and have yet to win the lotto. However, if enough people keep reading my works, perhaps the circumstances I find myself in might change.

Want to contact me? You can do so here: william@williamhumble.com

For those of you who just had to know, I was born in Fort Worth, Texas. I went to high school in a small town called Grandview. Later, I went to college at Hill Junior College (now Hill College) and after that Tarleton State (the better part of the A&M school system), where I graduated. As life progressed, I moved back to Fort Worth and then on to Burleson (one of Fort Worth's not-so-little suburbs), where I now live.

Well, some months ago I actually turned 40.  Honestly, it's not so bad here.  Physically, I'm in good condition. Mentally I've got a little rust from lack of use, but I've added a bit of creativity so I don't miss it too much. And though I've paid for it, I've gained a lot of wisdom along the way.  It's a good time to be me.   

Having been writing fanatically for a couple of years now, I've come to a new realization. When I first began, I had to work and work to finally finish anything. Now, I get so excited about something being close to completion, I have to shift my focus around to not putting it out too quickly. Sadly, I still fail in this endeavor all too often. Writing is where most of my energy goes. As an editor, I'm still learning and working on the whole focus thing. That's one of the reasons why your feedback is so important to me. Please, help me to help myself!