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DFW Stories

I discovered I needed a new place to hold a series of related stories with
many of the same characters.  However, I didn't want readers to have to fish around all over the web page to find them.  Thusly the DFW Stories section was born.  Some stories will end up here and in another section as may be appropriate.  Most will simply end up here.  One of my goals is to use some of these stories to answer questions that people have raised about the world behind the deception.  Rather than simply giving an answer, showing an answer.  Let me know what you think!
Open Story (PDF) >>

Be warned, this story contains spoiler information if you haven't read the
second Shapeshifter Novel, Formative Years.   This brings us to a post-war
discussion between a couple of older characters (I mean that in about as
many ways as is possible).  I'll go ahead and leak the news now that this
story is precursor for the upcoming novella Hunters.
Open Story (PDF) >>

Allied Information
This story provides some further insights into how the lady Selina Dupree is viewed within the supernatural community.  It also provides a healthy teaser for Hunters.
Open Story (PDF) >>

Hunters brings us back in touch with a number of familiar characters.  In this tale we revisit the familiar behind-the-deception themes of murder and betrayal.  With lots and lots of vampires and other undead.  This story also provides some rather important background information for the upcoming third shapeshifter novel, Formless Void.
Open Story (PDF) >>

Selina's Telum
Selina's Telum is a story about Walter's little band of vampires. This time they're talking about everyone's favorite telum. Not much action in this one but a look at how Selina's favorite weapon is viewed by other vampires.
Open Story (PDF) >>

Growing Beyond
For those of you who've read the novella Hunters, have you wondered just what Telena told Selina to make her forgive her? If you have, then Growing Beyond is the story for you.
Open Story (PDF) >>

Walter and his crew are back for a new lesson about how things really are behind the Deception.  Eyes can tell you a lot about supernaturals... but not necessarily enough.
Open Story (PDF) >>

One of Walter's band of vampires has been critically injured which brings about a discussion of how an undead vampire's innards really work.
Open Story (PDF) >>