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Welcome to the world behind the deception. This is the place where you'll start learning just how much more there is to understand about the world we live in... and about the worlds beyond. Everything from the things that go bump in the night to the critters that go bump during the day. Creatures from mythology and nightmares, dreams and delusions... and a whole lot more.

The stories you'll find here are all original works. They are copyrighted with all rights reserved. That said, everything here is available for download for personal use. Anyone wishing to reprint any of these works should pull out their checkbooks and send me an email.

Before you get to reading, I'll insert a quick word of warning. Many of these stories contain scenes of graphic violence. A few contain what I hope to be tastefully done but moderately explicit sex. I have done everything I could to keep the foul language to a bare minimum as I find it tends to be used to excess throughtout modern writing and typically adds little value.

I hope you enjoy your look at what really goes on behind and beyond our world. For those of you who learn too much... well, best of luck. You'll need it.

While any and all of the works found on my page are free for individual downloading (and for personal use only), I do ask for a small donation if you enjoyed what you've read and can spare the money. Proceeds from these donations will go towards turning my writing from an obsession into a full-time, paying job.

  Thank you,
William Humble

Latest News
News archive
This update features the long awaited next Callidus story The Mines of Panth Remure. Callidus and company make an aggressive move against the witch queen's mine... but the move does not go uncontested.

A Seed Planted brings Dmetri face-to-face with an old enemy. And sets the fiery vampire to wondering if he's on track to where he wants to be.

Kasey Wells is finally released from the hospital in First Steps. Continuing to learn about her new life, she finds out that being a werewolf is not all bad... but it's certainly not all good either.

Work continues on the the usual series as well as sci-fi and fantasy stories. While I can't really say when any of them will be done, I am definitely making progress and I'm having loads of fun working on them all.

Oh, and there are still Dmetri T-shirts available in all sizes for $15.00. :D